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The RISE Centre (TRC) is a multi sport and fitness complex designed to provide all the amenities to fulfill. Elite athletes will travel to the facility because of the expertise within. It is our mission to provide the best programs, staff, events, equipment and overall experience to fully meet the various sports and fitness needs of our members, clubs, elite athletes. RISE will continuing to grow by modelling “Realize Individual Success Everyday”. R&D to offer peak performance programming. Engage community relations by embracing our diverse culture. We are determined to create and unmatched sporting atmosphere at #TRC

The RISE Centre (TRC) is a venue built to ensure sport foundation and extraordinary success. Brantford is the “Tournament Capital of Ontario”. The TCO, SNP, MCSC and many other community organizations have aligned with TRC to partner many local, national and international events in the next five years. This plan will ensure economic sustainability, expansion and exposure for future recruits. Ultimately HOME of the WOLFPACK our mission is to give our student athletes post secondary options.

The RISE Centre in the News:

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Realize Individual Success Everyday

The Rise Centre (est. 2014) provides a high level of professionalism paired with an accelerated sport specific dynamic experience. TRC is a multifaceted sport facility with a lounge like comfort away from home. In house state of the art equipment is used to strengthen and condition. Our qualified coaches motivate to increase speed-power-endurance to our athletes. Specialists focus on mind, lifestyle and nutrition. The NEW RISE Sports Physiotherapy host multiple cold tubs, game ready units, cutting-edge technology and exercises that repair and rebuild.

TRC is home to Aerial Promotions that provide a marketing mix of opportunities to accommodate guests needs. Aerial Promotions creative design and photography features a seamless cyc studio. Opening soon in The RISE Centre will be Get Buckets Cafe and Swoosh Lounge (Licensed) to offer a wide variety of food and beverage. The 24 acre green space, tiered classrooms and gymnasium lend to exceptional facility option for conferences and seminars. Paired with community outreach to local organizations, B2B, Government agencies, Six Nations, County of Brant, traditional and social media network; TRC is proud to be a member of the Tournament Capital of Ontario.


    • RISE Fitness: Free Weights, Aerobic Machines, Personal Training, Yoga, TRX, Bootcamp Trend Room
    • RISE Sport Physiotherapy: Ice Baths, Ultrasound, Game Ready Unit, Massage… Learn More
    • Gymnasium: Full size court with divider, Bleacher seating 500+, Overview Gallery
    • Aerial Promotions: In House Marketing Agency with Seamless Cyc Studio Aerial Promotions
    • Swoosh Lounge: Licensed Beverages with Light Bar Menu [Coming Soon!]
    • Half Time Cafe: Hot-Cold Food, Coffee-Tea and Smoothie Bar [Coming Soon!]
    • Time Out Sports Store: Spiritwear, General Sporting Goods [Coming Soon!]

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RISE-Realize Individual Success Everyday

PHOTOGRAPHY AND/OR VIDEOTAPING IN PROGRESS: By entering these premises, you agree and understand that you may be photographed, filmed or videotaped and you hereby give Aerial Promotions, the exclusive photographer and videographer for events at The RISE Centre, and The RISE Centre the unrestricted right to photograph and/or record you at this event. You grant to Aerial Promotions and The RISE Centre the perpetual and unrestricted right to use your likeness, identity or image (collectively “image”), without the payment of any compensation to you, for reproduction, broadcast or exhibition in any medium and for any legitimate purpose. You hereby waive, release and forever discharge Aerial Promotions and The RISE Centre from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from the use of any images. All Activities of The RISE Centre may be recorded for safety, security & aid in prosecution of any crime.  



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