Thank you to all the TRC Staff, Families, Players & Coaches for attending the RISE Banquet to support & celebrate TRC most deserving 2019 RISE Award Recipients:
Co-MVP – Rahmir Moore @mir_moore & Miguel Tomley @migueltomley10
Leadership – Asare Otchere @asare.otchere
Sportsmanship – Luke Degannes @_lukedegannes_
Academic – Thomas Chilton @thomas_chilton
Community – Bryant Selebangue @yaboy.bryant
MVP – Aerial Wilson @aerialwilson
Leadership – Savannah Day @sav_day
Sportsmanship -Ilijana Vukovic @ilijanavukovic
Academic – Lara Cook @laracookk
Community – Lisa Tesson @lisatessjap
Co-MVP – Sabry Philip & Avan Nava @avannava7
Leadership – Adam Francolini @ffrxnco
Sportsmanship – Viktor Nausedas @viktor_nausedas
Academic – Paris Shand @theofficialshand
Community – Liam Craven @lc4three
SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Cole Hipkin @cole_hipkin -2019 OHL Draft @saginawspirit , Tyrell Vernon @tv.905 TRC 5yrs-STFX, Kira Trombley-Vocalist, Class of 2019 #TRCAlumni , Sponsors, Swoosh Lounge Food & Beverage, TRC Staff & Coaches, TRC Players & Families.

TRC Class of 2019: Miguel Tomley-University of Santa Clara (NCAA DI) @santaclarahoops • Sabry Phillip-San Diego University (NCAA DI) @usdmbb • Aerial Wilson-University of Memphis (NCAA DI) @memphiswbb • Savannah Day-Stetson University (NCAA DI) @stetsonwbb • Makayla Ennis-Virginia Tech (NCAA DI) • Aliyah Fraser-St.FX (U Sport) • Thomas Chilton-University of Ottawa (U Sport) @geegees_mbball • Josh Noton-Hill College (JuCo) • Asare Otchere-McLennan College (JuCo) @mclennanathletics • Viktor Nausedas-University of Guelph-University (U Sport) @gryphonsmbball • Avan Nava-St.FX University (U Sport) @stfxmbb • Adam Francolini-University of Victoria (U Sport) @vikesmbb • Rahmir Moore-St Joseph’s University (NCAA DI) @sjuhawks_mbb

Most Valuable Player: This award honours the best performing players of each respective team. The most valuable player is one who exhibits the greatest individual talent, and is a person most responsible for their team’s success. They lead by example both on and off the court.
TRC Academy Women-Makayla Ennis
RISE Prep Men-Rhamir Moore
TRC Academy Men-Adong Makuoi & Antoine Vernon
TRC Academy Women-Hailey Brown
RISE Prep Men-Eliel Nsoseme
TRC Academy Men-Dragan Stajic
TRC Academy Men-Justin Jackson

The Leadership Award: Recognizes outstanding students who have the ability to influence and guide peers through role modelling, These individuals demonstrated the ability to cipher energy from opposing teams and disperse that energy to reinvigorate their own team. Leaders set the tone with their own strong example and work ethic, and make sure their teammates play with a high level of intensity and accountability. They take charge of their team in practice and competitive settings to focus people in attaining their goals.
TRC Academy Women-Aerial Wilson
RISE Prep Men-Dragan Stajic
TRC Academy Men-Steven Levnaic
TRC Academy Women-Jama Bin-Edward
RISE Prep Men-Sefa Atchere
TRC Academy Men-Antoine Vernon
TRC Academy Men-Jeremiah Usiosefe

Sportsmanship Award: I would like to start with a quote. Sportsmanship is an aspiration that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for conduct, fairness, ethics, respect for one’s opponent, a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors, and graciousness in winning or losing.
TRC Academy Women-Helena Lasic
RISE Prep Men-Vladimir Lukomski
TRC Academy Men-Matt Grace & Deon Ejim
TRC Academy Women-Kate Moran
RISE Prep Men-Asare Atchere
TRC Academy Men-Steve Levnaic
TRC Academy Men-Nick Russell

Academic Award:  All students are required to maintain academic standards and grades. The students being recognized for academic achievement have excelled among other students of TRC Academy in their short or long-term educational goals. Excelling at the academic level shows balance in maintaining their educational and athletic responsibilities, demonstrating perseverance, time-management, resourcefulness, and intuition, which goes a long way towards achieving.
TRC Academy Women-Aaliyah Arab Smith
RISE Prep Men-Thomas Chilton
TRC Academy Men-Adam Francolini
TRC Academy Women-Aerial Wilson
RISE Prep Men-Marcus Cortez
TRC Academy Men-Matt Grace
TRC Academy Men-Julian Walker

Community Service Award: The Community Award recognizes students who, by devoting their time, talents, and expertise to serve the public good, have made significant, demonstrable, and direct contributions to society’s well-being. This helps build character and teaches problem-solving skills as well as civic responsibility.
TRC Academy Women-Aliyah Fraser
RISE Prep Men- Sydney Okeke
TRC Academy Men-Lorenzo Downey
TRC Academy Women-Sophia Zulich
RISE Prep Men-Mason Middaugh
TRC Academy Men-Adong Makuoi
TRC Academy Men-Brandon John

Courage Award: The cour·ageˈkərij/award acknowledges a student athlete who defines strength in the face of pain or grief. One who has overcomes a great deal of obstacle through shear perseverance and determination to stay focussed on the student athlete TRC Mission.
TRC Academy Women-Mya Iriah
TRC Academy Men-Ben Shoveller
TRC Academy Women-Kate Moran


Class of 2019 (Season Four)
TTRCMBB: Sabry Phillip-San Diego University (NCAA DI) @usdmbb
TRCMBB: Viktor Nausedas-University of Guelph-University (U Sport) @gryphonsmbball
TRCMBB: Avan Nava-St.FX University (U Sport) @stfxmbb
TRCMBB: Adam Francolini-University of Victoria (U Sport) @vikesmbb
TRCMBB: Thomas Chilton-University of Ottawa (U Sport) @geegees_mbball

TRCWBB: Aerial Wilson-University of Memphis (NCAA DI) @memphiswbb
TRCWBB: Savannah Day-Stetson University (NCAA DI) @stetsonwbb
TRCWBB: Makayla Ennis-Virginia Tech (NCAA DI)
TRCWBB: Aliyah Fraser-St.FX (U Sport)
RPMBB: Miguel Tomley-University of Santa Clara (NCAA DI) @santaclarahoops  
RPMBB: Josh Noton-Hill College (JuCo)
RPMBB: Asare Otchere-McLennan College (JuCo) @mclennanathletics
RPMBB: Rahmir Moore-St Joseph’s University (NCAA DI)
TRCMH: Cole Hipkin- Saginaw Spirt OHL Draft Pick

Class of 2018 (Season Three)
TRC Men:  Antoine Vernon – Oregon State University
TRC Men:  Matt Grace – Richmond University
TRC Men:  Deon Ejim – University of Illinois-Chicago
TRC Men:  Steven Levnaic – Niagara University
TRC Men:  Liam Courtney – Colgate University
TRC Men:  Adong Makuoi – Palm Beach State College
RP Men:  Brandon John – University of Illinois Chicago (Horizon)
RP Men:  Brandon Kenyon – Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (Horizon)
RP Men:  John Akende – University of Sioux Falls (NCAA D2)
RP Men:  David Muenkat – Trinidad State (D1 NJCAA)
RP Men:  Sidney Okeke – Trinidad State (D1 NJCAA)
Class of 2017 (Season Two)
TRC Men:  Eliel Nsoseme – Cincinnatti University
TRC Men:  Dakoda Lewis – Seneca College
TRC Women:  Hailey Brown – (University of Michigan)
TRC Women:  Jama Bin-Edward – (Ryerson University)
TRC Women: Taya Hanson (Arizona State University)
RP Men:  Mason Middaugh – (Acadia University)
TRC Men: Julian Walker (Western University)
Class of 2016 (Season One) Learn More
TRC Men:  Justin Jackson – 2018 NBA Draft pick Orlando Magic & Maryland (BIG10)
TRC Men:  Marquell Fraser – VCU/University of Idaho (Big Sky)
TRC Men:  Jeremiah Usiosefe – University of Western Illinois (Summit)
TRC Men:  Godwin Boahen – Univeristy of Illinois-Chicago (Horizon)
TRC Men:  Justin Andrews – St Francis Xavier University
TRC Men:  Jerome Mugambi – Acadia Univeristy
TRC Men:  Nick Russell – St Francis Xavier University
TRC Men:  Dashon Lalor Crooks – Cape Breton University

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