TRC Academy’s Performance Nutrition program will enable each student-athlete to learn exactly what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for their best performance. And they will be given the opportunity to implement these foundational principles of performance nutrition over the course of the year – positively impacting their performance, on and off the court.

TRC Academy seeks to change the standard. Athletes learn the fundamentals of performance nutrition, but more importantly, they will develop essential habits for a sustained nutritional regime that will enable them to perform their best: in practice, in games and in the classroom, too!

Salads, soups, grilled vegetables, yogurt, fruits and the right proteins are staples to building a good diet, but student athletes also need to understand how it affects them individually and how to continue a good diet at home, on the road and in the future. The key is a balance. Balance allows the student athletes to enjoy what they eat but also get the right nutrition and the right energy. Our focus is to outline what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  The challenge for the elite athlete lays in putting this information into practice on a daily basis. We help the athlete build best habits to fuel their training and competition schedule.  

Food Allergy, Gluten Free, Diabetic, Lactose Intolerance & Vegetarian meal planning are also included for student athletes that have dietary restrictions. Specialized meals will be provided to allow each individual to perform to the best of their ability.

SWOOSH LOUNGE BANNERThe Rise Center is equipped with three different food and beverage areas to best serve our student athletes and visitors. The “Swoosh Lounge” which is a licensed restaurant/bar with service to 330 patrons overlooking the main atrium and gymnasium.  Other amenities include elevator, full kitchen, bar, 3 access points and washrooms on the upper level.

HALFTIME CAFE BANNERThe “Time Out Café” serves coffee, tea, juice, pop, water and smoothies. Hot and cold food will be served for convenience with healthy option choices. Gelato, seasonal and specialty baked items will be available.

And the 6000 sq. ft. Cafeteria located in the East Building is available for special licensing and catering events for special events.

RISE-Realize Individual Success Everyday

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