TRC VISION: To be a world renown and top ranked athletic program that develop student-athletes to accomplish post secondary goals.

TRC VISION: To create a positive culture as we provide peak performance programs, expert staff, state of the art equipment and a healthy lifestyle experience to fully meet the athletic and academic needs of our athletes. 

TRC VALUES: Honor and Integrity to Realize Individual Success Everyday

TRC Placement Preparation: TRC Academy is dedicated to placing our student-athletes at the post secondary institution that meets their athletic and academic potential. Congratulations to the 40+ TRC Student-Athletes who obtained post-secondary scholarships. With school, year round athletics, daily strength and conditioning, professionally coached sport-specific practice, a rigorous yet accommodating academic schedule, program responsibilities and the highest level of competition student-athletes are equipped to make an immediate impact at the next level. Within the unique family-like atmosphere, TRC Academy believes in role modelling to promote work ethic, independent thought, leadership, respect, integrity, compassion, image, discipline & commitment. Graduates from TRC Academy are well prepared to meet future demands & challenges to thrive and create a lasting legacy.
Positive good standing status at TRC Academy is based on 4 principles: Academic-Performance-Behavior-Financial responsibilities

ACADEMICS Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Our PRIORITY at TRC Academy is academic excellence to attain Post Secondary options. With fully integrated academic, athletic, guidance programming and support, every TRC student-athlete is provided opportunity to reach the next level destination of their potential. We believe active positive role modelling to build a better community. The TRC way is to develop individually to come together as a whole. The Wolfpack core values are honour and integrity to Realize Individual Success Everyday! #TRC Academy academic provider is St. John’s College (SJC) of the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board 


SJC1St. John’s College began most humbly in 1941 as Brantford Catholic High School in the basement of St. Ann’s elementary school….Read More

In association with St John’s College, TRC is committed to helping student-athletes achieve their highest academic potential. Guidance Counselling specific to TRC student athlete (SA) goals. The SA will operate on a schedule allowing them the resources to maintain a high academic standard. The combination of St John’s College education and TRC commitment to athlete development will create a well rounded, experience and educate student athlete’s, while also giving students the best advice regarding college careers and financing options from companies like the one at SJC partnership with TRC work together as a team to monitor, guide, discipline and acknowledge these goals. SJC is a proven educational, administrative resource and academic foundation with up to date knowledge of any postsecondary institution in North America, including but not limited to college counselling, SAT preparation and college scholarship services.

SJC Highlights: Highly effective and qualified teaching staff with modern technology-educational tools-methods, Advanced Placement Program, New Science & Computer Labs, Specialist High Skills Major Programming wishing to pursue careers in Communications Technology, Arts & Culture, Construction, Sports Leadership, Hospitality & Health Care, Noted programs: Music-Culinary-Drama-Technology-Media-Arts-Sport extra curricular activities, Mission Trips, Campus Ministry & Community Commitment.

Stats that Matter! The #Wolfpack prioritize points in the Classroom. Congratulations RISE Honour Roll (1st Semester SJC): #TRChockey Colin MacDougall, Login Wilson, Gabe Robinson, Cole Hipkin. #TRCWBB Aerial Wilson, Teniesha Clarke, Lara Cook. #RPMBB Diego Garcia, Thomas Chilton, Luke Degannes, Kole Scott. #TRCMBB Lorenzo Downey, Marko Milivojevic, Paris Shand, Ethan Mancini, Max Arnott 


Good Standing is an active SA who maintains a positive relationship upholding TRC Code of Conduct Moral & Ethical Principles, Pursues Academic/Career Opportunity, Financial Obligations Honored & Engaged in Role Modelling Responsibilities. Based on TRC Academy four [Academic-Performance-Behavior-Financial] principles of success collectively our team of professionals share experience in each phase of the prep process. It is this knowledge that we continue to offer growth, development & life changing experience. TRC Alumni are Student Athlete (SA) graduates who accept post secondary/scholarship placement while attending TRC Academy. TRC Academy Senior Student Athlete [SA] Long Term Alumni Plan: 1.Recruitment 2.Individual Official-Signing  3.Team Senior Night  4.Program Final Senior Send Off  5.Family Alumni Relations

TRC Academy exposure is the best in the industry where Student Athlete (SA) information is developed for long term dynamic updates. Each SA will develop their athletic portfolio online with #TRC to build their brand. Other than the competitive exposure focused travel itinerary, TRC prepares SA for lifestyle adjustments & community involvement. During the recruitment process SA families will be educated on Schools of Interest, UnOfficial Visits, Academic Reporting, Game Day-IPP Reports, TRC Video Highlight Tape, Volunteerism, Social Cultural Prep, Home Visits, Official Visits, Social Media Etiquette and Professional Correspondence. Class of X Awareness Campaign is a series of TRC policy/procedures that is ever evolving to recognize our seniors. Our priority at TRC Academy is to maintain academic excellence to attain Post Secondary options. It is our responsibility to be compliant and offer resources to our SA families & enjoy the recruitment experience.

When a SA commits (Verbal) a SM campaign & (Official) signing celebration is offered to celebrate with their friends, family, teammates and coaches. TRC Celebrates Early Signing Period-Semester I & Late Signing Period-Semester II as per TRC Signing procedure confirm TRC 1st or 2nd Signing Period Celebration. TRC Signing Day Operations: Book a Private TRC Pre Signing PhotoShoot-Prepare MultiMedia Online/Print Design SM Campaign-Press Release-Update TRC Player Portfolio to TRC Alumni Archive-Culinary Service-Invitations-Official paperwork…

TRC Academy making history with Hailey Brown, the first TRC Academy women to sign a NLI to University of Michigan @theRISEcentre!

We spotlight our seniors in their last regular season home game on Senior Night. A Press Release, Video/Photo Highlights & TRC Social Media Campaign is initiated to celebrate & include the community in this special event. Upperclassmen seniors are presented their TRC banner of excellence & alumni poster by underclassmen.

TRC Academy program recognizes Senior Student Athletes at the Final Senior Send Off at the year end RISE Awards Ceremony. Upon graduation the Player Portfolio is transitioned to an Alumni Web Page.

#TRCalumni respectfully earn their home on the Wall of Fame @theRISEcentre. TRC Academy Founding Players who build the program and graduate in good standing are TRC ambassadors. We honour their legacy with a personal photoshoot and custom design art piece that is placed high in The RISE Centre for all to look up to upon arrival. The accomplishments of these #TRC Alumni are respected as admired & celebrated TRC legacy.
TRC maintains a SM Log to follow active #TRCalumni. We encourage social cultural development with our alumni network to introduce TRC SA to new experiences. TRC monitors & updates alumni portfolios monthly. The Alumni Wall is an unveiling induction ceremony at The RISE Centre to celebrate the inductees career accomplishments. BUT there is always an Open Arms Invitation for any alumni to visit, share experiences & get a workout in at The RISE Centre.

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