SAVANNAH DAY – Stetson University commit (NCAA D1)

Name: Savannah Day

Birthdate: Nov. 18, 2000
Hometown: Etobicoke, Ontario
Nationality: Canadian, British, Croatian
Inspirations: My family and the want to be great.
Favourite Quote: “A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
Greatness is earned, never awarded.”unknown
Social Media: IG: sav_day |  Snapchat: savannah23_23
Interest/Hobbies: guitar, camping, surfing
Volunteerism: Basketball Camps, Minor Official, Referee

School: TRC Academy @theRISEcentre & St. Johns College

GPA/Grade Average: 3.3/88%
Year of Graduation: 2018 (Returning Post Grad)
Academic Interest (Career Interest): Major in psychology in university. 
Love biology and history
S.A.T./A.C.T Test:

NCAA Eligibility Centre I.D. #: 1609574107
Awards & Recognition (Academic): Honour Roll 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Height: 6’1″

Jersey Number: #23
Position: Power Forward
 (Club/Rep): TRC Academy 2017-2018, ABGG Canada Select 2017 & 2018, North Toronto Huskies, JUEL, 
Team Ontario U17

Other Sports Played: Surfing, basketball, softball, volleyball
 Volunteer for my school with special needs kids helping to score sporting events, minor official, Briers Basketball Volunteer

Awards & Recognition (Athletic): ABGG Canada Select 2017 & 2018, Canadian National Assessment Camp Invitee (2016 & 2017), All-defensive player JUEL Prep – 2016, 
JUEL Prep All-Star – 2016, 
All-Ontario First Team, Canletes – 2016 
Senior Girls basketball MVP High School – 2016, 
Junior Athletic Leadership High School – 2016, 
Junior medal of achievement – 2016, 
Canada basketball age assessment camp invitee – 2016, 
Team Ontario U17 – 2017

ARTICLES  Savannah Day takes a shot at the net during a practice for the TRC Academy Wolfpack on Tuesday. The RISE Centre on Elgin Street plans to expand beyond its basketball program for elite high school-aged athletes. (Brian Thompson/The Expositor)…

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