Jeremi Tremblay


Name: Jérémi Tremblay
Hometown: Québec City, QC, CA
Nationality: Canadian
Inspirations: My parents, my family, Pro deo et genere humano (For god and human kind).
Favourite Quote: “Work now, enjoy later.”, “If you’re only there for the prizes, you miss the point”, “No Pity”, “The more you know, the dumber you realize you are.” 
Social Media: IG: jeremi_tremblay8119  Twitter: N/A Snapchat: salutjtmtoi     Facebook: Jérémi Tremblay
Interest/Hobbies: Movies, reading, science, eating, music, nature and outdoors, Rubik’s cube.
Volunteerism: Coaching hockey team, tutoring for students (maths, sciences and french), working for tournaments.


School: Holderness School
GPA/Grade Average: 4.0
Year of Graduation: 2022
Academic Interest (Career Interest): Science, law or medical fields
S.A.T./A.C.T Test:  N/A
NCAA Eligibility Centre I.D. #: 
Awards & Recognition (Academic): 2 awards of science fair, 2 awards for engagement in student life, 1 award for science excellence. Holderness school: 4 high academic honors, academic excellence scholarship (Straus Family fund)


Height: 6′
Weight: 185 lb
Shoots: Right
Jersey Number: #16
Position: Forward
Teams-Programs: 2019-2020 Holderness School (NEPSAC), 2014-2019 Structure Blizzard (LHEQ)
Other/Sports Played: Cycling, soccer, lacrosse, track and field.


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