TRC Academy Men Roster


Final Season 2017-2018 Record: 37 Games W27-L10 (OSBA League & 6 Tournaments) 

  • OSBA Preseason showcase (Hamilton, ON)  Sept 30-31 & OSBA League
  • TRC Academy RISE Showcase (Brantford, ON)  Nov 18-19
  • Washington TOC (Washington, Illinois)  Nov 23-25
  • Zero Gravity (Rhode Island)  Dec 1-3
  • National Prep School Invitational (Rhode Island)  Jan 26-28
  • Basketball Hoopfest (Springfield, Mass)  Dec 13-16
  • National Prep School Championships (South Carolina) March 1-4

OSBA Schedule

Date Game Type Opponent Location Time  Score
Sat. Sep. 30 OSBA Pre-Season Tournament Vaughan Hamilton, On 1:00 PM W 86-77
Sun. Oct. 1 OSBA Pre-Season Tournament Bill Crothers Hamilton, On 9:00 AM W 92-74
Thurs. Oct. 12 OSBA League Game Vaughan Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 89-60
Tues. Oct. 17 OSBA League Game at Ridley St Catherine’s, On 7:00 PM W 84-76
Wed. Oct. 25 OSBA League Game Southwest Academy Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 91-55
Tues. Oct. 31 OSBA League Game at Lincoln Hamilton, On 6:30 PM W 108-68
Wed. Nov. 1 OSBA League Game Athletes Institute Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 97-95
Wed. Nov. 22 OSBA League Game Thornlea  Brantford, On 5:00 PM W 91-78
Sat. Nov. 18 TRC / RISE Tournament London BB Academy Brantford, On 5:00 PM W 77-44
Sun. Nov. 19 TRC / RISE Tournament GTA Prep North Brantford, On 5:00 PM W 97-60
Thurs. Nov. 23 Washington TOC Tennessee Prep Washington, Illinois 7:00 PM W 79-73
Fri. Nov. 24 Washington TOC Orangeville Prep Washington, Illinois 9:00 PM L 56-66
Sat. Nov. 25 Washington TOC St Louis Christian Washington, Illinois 12:00 PM W 70-40
Tues. Nov. 28 OSBA League Game at Kings Christian Oakville, On 5:00 PM W 81-51
Friday. Dec. 1 Zero Gravity Invitational Putnam Science Academy Rhode Island 6:00 PM L 61-70
Friday. Dec. 2 Zero Gravity Invitational Lincoln Academy-GA Rhode Island 7:00 PM L 71-54
Tues. Dec. 5 OSBA League Game at Athlete Institute Orangeville, On 4:00 PM W 105-89
Wed. Dec. 13 Basketball Hoopfest Brewster Academy Springfield, Mass 7:00 PM L 75-62
Fri. Dec. 15 Basketball Hoopfest Sunrise Christian Academy Springfield, Mass 1:45 PM L 92-84
Sat. Dec. 16 Basketball Hoopfest Northfield Mount Harmon Springfield, Mass 12:30 PM L 84-55
Wed. Dec. 20 OSBA League Game at Henry Carr Toronto, On 5:00 PM W 105-85
Wed. Jan. 10 OSBA League Game at Southwest Academy London, On 7:00 PM W 84-61
Sun. Jan. 14 Showcase Game Mount Zion Prep Buffalo, NY 9:00 PM L 76-75
Tues. Jan. 16 OSBA League Game Ridley Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 70-68
Thurs. Jan. 18 OSBA League Game Lincoln Brantford, On 5:00 PM W 102-82
Sat. Feb. 3 National Prep School Invitational Vermont Academy Rhode Island 1:30 PM W 80-67
Sun. Feb. 4 National Prep School Invitational Tilton Rhode Island 10:30 AM L 102-89
Wed. Feb. 7 OSBA League Game Kings Christian Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 100-62
Sun. Feb. 14 OSBA League Game at Orangeville Prep Orangeville, On 7:30 PM L 103-92
Sun. Feb. 16 OSBA League Game at RISE Prep Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 89-74
Thurs. Feb 22 OSBA League Game Bill Crothers Brantford, On 7:00 PM W 97-70
Thurs. Mar. 1 USA National Prep Championships Moravian Prep South Carolina 5:40 PM L 59-46
Fri. Mar. 2 USA National Prep Championships Bryant Stratton Prep South Carolina 2:00 PM W 65-58
Sat. Mar. 3 USA National Prep Championships Tennessee Prep South Carolina 5:00 PM W 64-49
Thurs. Mar. 22 OSBA Quarter Finals Kings Christian Guelph University 4:00 PM W 112-73
Fri. Mar. 23 OSBA Semi Finals Athletes Institute Guelph University 6:00 PM W 103-81
Sat. Mar. 24 OSBA Finals Game Ridley College Guelph University 6:00 PM W 74-72

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TRC Academy History

2019-2020 [Season 5 #TRCMBB #TRCWBB #RPMBB #TRCJR #TRCMH]

Year Five 2019-2020: TRC Mens Hockey Team is officially sanctioned to compete in 2019-2020 #TRCMH. TRC Basketball Academy establish TRC Jr Academy to play in the National Junior Circuit. Four basketball teams compete: TRC Academy Men #TRCMBB TRC Academy Women #TRCWBB  RISE Prep Men #RPMBB TRC JR Academy Men #TRCMJR 

2018-2019 [Season 4 #TRCMBB #TRCWBB #RPMBB #TRCMH]

Year Four 2018-2019: All teams have a very competitive international schedule (USA-Caribbean Classic) . All three teams compete in the OSBA Final 8 Playoffs. TRCMBB claim Back to Back OSBA Championship titles. TRC Hockey pilot program develops & expands. RFP is approved by OHF & Hockey Canada to be fully sanctioned for 2019-2020 season. TRC Academy assist with 13 post-secondary scholarships…
Read More  #TRCMBB 2018-2019  |  #TRCWBB 2018-2019  #RPMBB 2018-2019

2017-2018 [Season 3 #TRCMBB #TRCWBB #RPMBB]

Year Three 2017-2018: TRC Hockey pilot development program is introduced. TRC Academy men finish the season claiming the title, “OSBA Champions”. TRC women are OSBA Finalist for the second straight season (Double Finalists-TRCMBB & TRCWBB). RISE Prep finish top three in a very competitive OSBA League.  TRC Academy 2018 graduating class is the largest in TRC history with 12 more active #TRCalumni…
Read More  #TRCMBB 2017-2018 #TRCWBB 2017-2018  |  #RPMBB 2017-2018

2016-2017 [Season 2 #TRCMBB #TRCWBB #RPMBB]

Year Two 2016-2017: With a complete rebrand, TRC Academy restructures. Two additional basketball teams RISE Prep & TRC Academy Women produced huge results and heavy interest. All 3 basketball teams are competitive winning championships and double finalists in both men’s and women’s OSBA championships…
Read More  #TRCMBB 2016-2017   #TRCWBB 2016-2017  |   #RPMBB 2016-2017

2015-2016 [Season 1-Hill Basketball #TRCMBB]

Year One 2015-2016: Hill Basketball Inc. by TRC @theRISEcentre is established in 2014 and a final four contender in the inaugural season of the OSBA. All 12 players are placed in their post secondary school of choice… Read More #TRCMBB 2015-2016

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